Panther AI.

Custom based AI package for use with the Game Guru Engine by TGC.

Designed by Kimuru for use with EAI Media: FPSC Task Force 341 npc model Pack

EAI Media: Task Force 341 Pack(c) copyright EAIMedia 2011. Sold Seperately / Info below

Package Includes:

Advanced AI custom modified combatcore_341, supporting seperate scripts

Passive and agressive modes, naviagation to waypoint, hybrid walk and shoot animations, reload

Strafe (based on player to npc location, design levels to aquire full use in combat based on axis), Reduced wall melee and stack idle.

Support for low end systems with the option to use stock combatcore on the fly

Reduces memory usage, using original Aim idle and Aim move via script swap in Npc settings.

Based on original Task Force pack, using Three skin variations for each (Desert, Woodland, Black).

117 Different possible Npcs for your games in total, based on 117 custom .fpe scripts designed for Game Guru Engine.

Disclaimer: Panther AI 341 Package does not include .x Models, textures and Audio. Sold Seperately, info below.

$14.50 USD

This is a non-refundable purchase, please only consider this purchase if have read the following details
This purchase grants the user one license for use in a non-commercial and commercial game project only, and is not to be distributed at any level.
This Package is designed for Game Guru Dx11 game engine only, found on Steam (Not recommended for use with Dx9 version not supported at this time.)
Visuals found in promo video are based on player to npc location. Not a representation of possible outcomes. Use this Package at own risk.
Install Documentation is included in purchase, along with custom AI module and custom .fpe files and name forwarding (c) Copyright Kimuru.
Include email or any additional information if required for Package forwarding (download link) ETA within 24 Hours).


Click link for details and purchase information for the original pack needed *Not included with the Panther AI 341 Package.

Task Force 341 purchase link